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The softCannery CI/CD Maturity Assessment Framework

In order to effectively build or migrate automated CI/CD pipelines for cloud environments, it is needed to understand the current state of the Software Development Life Cycle processes within the organization. softCannery has developed a CI/CD maturity assessment framework which allows you to capture and analyze all aspects of your development processes:

  • Source Control

  • Build Process

  • Testing & QA

  • Deployment

  • Visibility and Monitoring of Current Software States

  • Organizational Structures and Processes

Based on the results received softCannery’s analysis allows us assess the current CI/CD maturity of your organization in quantitative form in comparison to the DevOps blueprint, based on best-of-breed tools and frameworks. The identified gaps transform into a plan of action to automate all processes in the organization to dramatically reduce time-to-market, while increasing software quality.

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