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softCannery is a digital process automation leader delivering transformative solutions and software engineering services that enable our clients to rapidly build and deploy essential services to their customers. Using Agile best practices, we enable unrivaled DevOps Automation, QA Automation, Cloud Native Development, and Business Process Automation capabilities for our clients.

softCannery's digital process automation consultants combine a unique blend of deep expertise and engineering best practices to deliver outcomes and solutions for our clients. From our extensive DevOps experience gained from executing projects delivering complex platforms and applications, we have built blueprints and accelerators to facilitate our services and technical consulting for migrating and delivering applications to the cloud. We specialize in delivering results for the financial services, telecommunications, and media & entertainment industries.

softCannery is known for tackling our client's most complex software challenges and delivering results both on time and on budget. Our proven talent and expertise, unrivaled client focus, agility, creativity, knowledge and problem-solving capabilities are the hallmarks that our clients depend on.

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We have been trusted to build and deploy the most complex software systems and applications. We are deeply committed to building a shared vision of what business challenges customers face then working in an Agile way to create future-proof solutions that are scalable and highly available.  

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