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We are a leading digital process automation company with the charter of reducing the cost, time and complexity of delivering software products to market for our clients by leveraging proven cloud-native architectures and tooling. 

We leverage automated CI/CD pipelines and Agile software development processes to significantly improve the efficiency, velocity and quality of the projects that we work on. Our extensive and unique experience with a complete stack of complex modern and legacy enterprise applications and software architectures, development, deployment, testing, maintenance and support services provides our clients with the peace-of-mind knowing that we will deliver what we commit to. Our stream-lined methodologies are applied to develop and migrate our clients to modern cloud-native micro-service architectures enabling them to respond to changing market conditions as they unfold.

Finally, our extensive Business Process Automation & DevOps experience has resulted in the creation of accelerators and blueprints to optimize services and technical consulting for migration and application delivery to the cloud. At softCannery, we deliver visibility and traceability from your requirements to production software “in the Can.”

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Business Process Automation

As your organization grows so does the complexity of your business processes often resulting in siloed systems and applications that are difficult to integrate causing you miss new market opportunities or lag behind. Our business process automation capabilities will streamline and simplify your business, increase service quality and delivery, and contain costs.

Cloud Native Development 

Whether your aspiration is to build and deploy cloud-native applications, migrate existing applications to the cloud, or migrate from one cloud vendor to another, we have the insights and expertise to get you there as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

DevOps Automation

Using Agile best practices we provide full stack automation and engineering services for your DevOps needs. Our extensive experience has proven to drive significant improvement in every meaningful measurement to drive business services delivery efficiencies to maximum levels. 

QA Automation

Getting your software products and services to market with thoroughly tested functions and performance is of upmost importance. With our QA automation services you are able to enjoy unrivaled efficiencies across your entire software lifecycle delivering highly scalable and completely tested business services with every release that you make.

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