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Delivering additional low-code / no-code capabilities into the Camunda Platform, the Process and Forms Accelerator (Camunda Platform Accelerator for extends Camunda's reach into the application layer by enabling the rapid development of complex, form-centric, business process applications.

softCannery have integrated best of breed open-source workflow management, forms development, analytics and security products to deliver the Accelerator to enable Camunda Platform and customers to dramatically accelerate their time-to-value for critical business services.

Camunda Platform Accelerator for is provided as open-source software and can be accessed on softCannery GitHub repository!

Feature Highlights


Drag and drop forms development in Business Process Management (BPM) Modeler

  • Fast and easy development of forms

  • Forms design can be implemented by non-development team in WYSIWYG editor

  • Wide and comprehensive selection of complex fields supported out of the box, including signatures, PDF, conditional forms, files upload, reCAPTCHA, etc.

  • Wide selection of form templates with hundreds of options to choose from

  • Forms are deeply customizable and can be adopted to specific needs of organization

  • Transition of data in form fields between form and BPM process as variables and their mapping

Camunda Modeler.jpg

Robust Business Process Management Engine

  • Fast and easy Design of Workflows and Decisions in WYSIWYG editor, which can be implemented by non-development team

  • Service orchestration and human task management engine

  • Extensible by integration of custom-built services into Workflows via APIs

  • Tasklist used to track tasks by end users

  • Reusable task templates

  • Storage of forms data in customer’s external storage/system (e.g. Salesforce)

  • Seamless integration between BPM process designer and task forms

  • Easy-to-use version control between BPM and forms


Built-in Security and Identity Management

  • Single-Sign On Solution

  • Integration with customer’s user directories and 3rd party identity providers

  • Social login enablement

  • Granular security permissions up to form’s field level based on user’s access rights


Monitoring and Analytics Out of the Box

  • Discover and analyze problems leveraging dashboards, reports and alerts of running BPM processes

  • Identification of process bottlenecks through use of BPMN heatmaps

  • Analyze and optimize business process through statistical analysis tools provided


Integrated into softCannery Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Framework

  • Automated environments and services rollout

  • Automated code builds, deployments, tests

  • Public or private clouds, on-prem deployments

  • Cloud agnostic CI/CD pipeline implementation


Best-of-Breed Open Source Components

  • framework for forms design and development

  • Camunda Platform for Business Process Management


Accelerator Implementation

softCannery have seamlessly integrated the following frameworks to provide fast and user-friendly experience of forms and business processes development & deployment through unified interface:

  • Spring Boot

  • forms designer

  • Renderer SDK – Angular JS, React JS, JS, Vue JS

  • Camunda Platform

  • Keycloak

  • softCannery DevOps framework

General flow of actions to develop, deploy and execute workflow implementation in softCannery’s Camunda Platform Accelerator for


Comparison with Existing Competitive Solutions

softCannery’s Camunda Platform Accelerator for has been thoughtfully architected and methodically created to eliminate existing gaps of forms design, development and deployment as part of executed business processes, having minimum coding efforts and in-turn services time-to-market as first priority in mind. softCannery has identified major capabilities gaps in existing solutions on the market and developed Accelerator that helps to eliminate them.

Features / Capabilities
softCannery's Camunda Platform Accelerator for
Majority of Existing Competitive Solutions
No code / Camunda Integration
Integrated Forms Designer with Camunda Modeler
Integrated Cloud Forms Management with Camunda Modeler
No deployment into Camunda BPM Runtime from Camunda Modeler
No Camunda Tasklist Plugin
Support CI/CD with and Camunda Process Application
Integrated Camunda BPM Runtime Transaction Support
Integrated Submission Data Binding with Camunda BPM
Integrated / Camunda with Spring Cloud Content
Standalone Task List Application with Camunda BPM Runtime integration
Manage forms configuration as code
Support Camunda BPM / deployment versioning

Solution Benefits

  • Accelerated speed to market by reducing time (2x-3x) and coding to develop and integrate forms into BPM services and applications at runtime

  • Seamless integration between BPM process designer and task forms

  • Business analysts (not software developers) can design forms associated with developed business processes

  • Popular and widely used opensource framework is easy to use

  • Built-in version control between BPM and forms

  • Helps to establish and enforce proper business process data management and storage best practices

  • Camunda Task List utilization to decrease development efforts in Camunda BPM by a factor of 3x

  • CI/CD pipeline decreases automated environments and new versions of services rollout duration by a factor of 5x

Open-Source software

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