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Cloud Native Development & Business Process Automation

Virtually every organization is going to or has moved to the cloud.  The importance of this transformation cannot be overstated. softCannery's proven cloud development and business process automation expertise leverages our extensive experience with the tools and knowhow to ensure you have success regardless of the approach that works best for you be it cloud native, cloud migration or moving from one cloud vendor to another.  

Magnitude of benefits enjoyed by our clients from our cloud native development and business process automation services include:

  • Adhering to common standards, architectures and middleware resulting in up to 2X reduction of implementation and time-to-market

  • Reducing future development costs of your cloud-native microservices-based environment due to:

    • Services reusability and rapid deployments

    • Loose coupling of services and components 

  • Building enterprise solutions on cloud messaging services enable the rapid development of cost-effective integrations

  • Using scalable and highly available services right “out-of-the-Can”

Our cloud native development services include:

  • Migrating existing applications to the cloud - Conducting enterprise architecture analysis (functional, process, data analysis) that includes creating an inventory of all your assets (single authoritative source for all Enterprise assets) then create a target enterprise architecture design (SOA, ESB, Canonical Data Model, platform middleware) and a transition roadmap and migration plan from legacy to a target cloud-native enterprise architecture

  • Creating cloud centers of excellence - Establishing guidelines for development and management that includes architecture review, evangelization, and best practices as well as research, support and training

  • Developing cloud-native systems with integrated quality assurance - Leveraging Agile best practices to deliver domain driven design and twelve-factor applications; architecture and design, automated CI/CD pipeline utilization; automated quality control along with functional and performance QA; and, platform and software maintenance (from development through production)

  • Leveraging Business Process Management (BPM) automation - Adopting open-source BPM software to automate business processes and decrease time-to-market including BPM services design, development & automated QA and automated CI/CD pipeline utilization 

Check our solution for rapid workflows and forms development and deployment:

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