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Accelerate Speed to Market with the Camunda BPMN Message Broker

By reusing previously developed business processes to develop new business process solutions, the ‘Camunda BPMN Message Broker’, enables a dramatic reduction in development time and results in accelerated speed to market. To implement this functionality softCannery has developed a solution which enables:

  • Exchange of data and messages between different Camunda BPM processes

  • Handling of asynchronous message delivery without temporal dependencies

  • Leveraging of the softCannery CI/CD pipeline for automated environments and services rollout

Benefits of this process automation development accelerator are:

  • Zero-code to support inter-process communication

  • 2x reduction of implementation and time-to-market through reuse of this pre-developed business process

  • Decreased time of deployment by a factor of 10 through CI/CD pipeline automation of Environments and new versions of Services

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