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Harnessing the Power of KNative

The Knative open-source project provides a set of Kubernetes event-driven and serverless capabilities for Kubernetes clusters.

Knative APIs build on existing Kubernetes APIs. Common languages and frameworks that include Kubernetes-friendly tooling work seamlessly with Knative to reduce the time spent solving common deployment issues:

  • Deploying a Docker container

  • Routing and Managing Traffic with A/B Deployment

  • Automatic Scaling on Demand

  • Binding Running Services to Cloud Native Event Sources

K-Native is a complex product that needs a lot of configuration to run properly. Before deploying their containers, they have to go through multiple steps to containerize their source code.

Integration of K-Native in softCannery’s automated CI/CD framework helps developers by hiding many of these tasks, simplifying container-based management and enabling you to concentrate on writing code.

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